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    • Facelift Massage

      The Whole Body Facelift Massage combines the relaxation of body massage with a cleansing and beautifying aromatic facial.

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      Get stronger and feel energized with individual or group personal training sessions.

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    • Oncology Massage

      Massage for Cancer Patients is a gentle, soothing, non-invasive form of touch therapy that enhances mental and physical relaxation and helps relieve pain.

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    Massage Therapy Puts the Care Back into Health care

    Massage is one of the most effective remedies for muscular pain. It is one of the best antidotes to stress, the underlying cause of many illnesses.

    Massage provides an oasis of physical and mental peace, a revitalizing time-out for your body to relax deeply, rebalance, and activate inner healing resources. Getting regular massage is one of the best ways to take care of yourself.

    I’m proud to be one of the most experienced and trusted massage therapists in this area. My goal is to help you achieve and maintain a strong sense of physical and emotional well-being.


    I offer the expertise of highly skilled training in many areas of massage therapy. Some techniques are thousands of years old while others incorporate modern scientific knowledge to eliminate the aches and pains of daily life.

    • Do you have persistent neck pain which never really goes away
    • Are you living with cancer? Massage feels good, and it helps to relieve pain and anxiety. Studies show that it also promotes better sleep.
    • Is stress in your life causing pain in your body?

    Rezakkah provides the best care possible for each client seeking relaxation and relief. Massage by Rezakkah is conveniently located 22 Mount Auburn St Watertown , MA 02472 to serve Watertown and Brighton, Newton, Brookline, and Cambridge.

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    My Approach:

    I offer a customized approach that combines massage for pain relief and relaxation, suggestions for preventive care, and min-body education. I help my clients improve their body awareness, develop good body habits, and learn to relieve problem areas with self-care techniques that fit easily into their lives.

    Each treatment is tailored using therapies that address your specific needs. Your initial session includes a free consultation to gather your expectations and assessment your ailments. Then we can decide which method would work best for you.

    Call Massage By Rezakkah at (617) 254-4088 today to make an appointment for a consultation.

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    Personal Training for Seniors

    Rezakkah is a certified personal trainer who specializes in working with older people. She is a personal trainer at West Suburban YMCA; she also offers private sessions in the home. With her extensive background in massage, and her personal experiences recovering from both a hip replacement and shoulder cuff surgery, she has both compassion, patience and knowledge about recovery.

    Much research has been done which confirms that movement and exercise help us stay younger. In addition to regular exercise, Rezakkah includes movements from yoga, Feldenkrais, developmental patterns, and play.

    The Nurturing Well

    The Nurturing Well is a new program for interactive community workshops in an informal, residential setting where people can feel more relaxed.

    The purpose of the Nurturing Well, is to create a non-sexual environment in which people feel comfortable touching and being touched by their friends. They will learn effective massage skills, and be able to make their friends feel better when they are in pain. Why pay a lot of money when there are many things we can do for each other.


    It will make you happy to be able to make someone you care about really feel better.

    And for the people who are on their feet all day:

    • “Treat for Feet “ Massage

    Learn how to help your friends and loved ones. Set up a little class for your family and friends in your home, or in my studio. Your group could learn:

    • How to Give a Revitalizing Chair Massage

    You decide what you and your group would like to learn, and I will be happy to share you with you what I know.