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"Rezakkah gives one of the best massages I've ever had. She has very healing hands, and whether it's for relaxation or to relieve a specific problem, her work is always excellent and satisfying."
Peter Dunn, Executive Director, The Daily Source

"Rezakkah has great hands! She gives a wonderful massage."
Jim O'Brien, Former Celtics Head coach, 1992

"Rezakkah is a highly skilled therapist. She provides a safe, relaxing atmosphere in a beautiful, peaceful setting. It is an experience which transcends the rush of everyday activity to a serene realm where the spirit can rest."
Debra Kiez, M.D.

"I can't begin to tell what a positive effect Rezakkah has had on my mind, body and spirit. She cares about the patient, and she has a real healing power in her mind as well as her hands. I leave feeling better in my body and about my life."
George Zingali, Choreographer

"Rezakkah is incredibly talented. Her sense of touch is unerrring; she always goes to exactly the right point. She helped to relieve a very painful and persistent back problem."
Jean Yoder, Asst. Dean, Boston College

"I have been receiving weekly massage from Rezakkah for nine years. She has been an invaluable source of healing in my life. Rezakkah is unique in her versatility of approach, adapting the treatment for whatever is best for my body that day. I leave each session feeling balanced, restored, aware and happy in my body."
Alison Otis, Health Educator

"Rezakkah has an amazing ability to dialogue with the body. She intuitively understands just what the body needs and how to address those needs to align the body and to open and balance the flow of energy."
Leslie Hilliard, Avatar Master

"Rezakkah's quiet manner and magical touch soothe the mind as well as the body. During one treatment her massage provided instant relief from a painful back spasm.
Dorothy Rogers, Art Curator

“Rezakkah helped me so much during my recovery (from cancer). She has a lot of wisdom, and a gentle, kind spirit. I immediately felt safe in her competent, loving hands. Her first treatment enabled me to deeply relax, and I slept soundly all night for the first time in months.” Cheryl Presley, Former Vice President, Boston College

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