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    There are many fascinating traditions in alternative medicine that come from outside of the euro-western practice. Massage By Rezakkah invites its clients to experience the numerous and often unexpected benefits these traditions have to offer.

    Fees for all treatments

    • 30 minutes $45.000
    • 60 minutes $90.00
    • 90 minutes $120.00

    Discounts of $20 or more are available to all. Please speak directly to Rezakkah regarding your needs and ability to pay.

    Swedish Massage

    Swedish Massage is a gentle type of massage that combines several techniques designed primarily to relax the body. It is characterized by long strokes, kneading, friction and tapping techniques which enhance vascular circulation and facilitate the release of toxins. It enhances awareness and a feeling of connectedness. With the application of oil or lotion, it is very soothing and pleasurable. It greatly reduces physical and emotional stress, and is often recommended as part of a regular stress reduction program.

    Oncology Massage

    Oncology Massage is a gentle, soothing, non-invasive form of touch therapy that enhances mental and physical relaxation and helps relieve pain. It is provided as an adjunct to medical treatment. The therapist maintains complete and up-to-date communication with the attending medical staff. Special attention is paid to the effects of procedures and medications. Studies have shown that massage alleviates pain, depression, anxiety and insomnia. Home and hospital visits are available.

    Reiki Healing

    Reiki is a Japanese word meaning universal life force, the force or energy that flows through every living thing. This technique involves the laying on of hands on “energy doors” or “chakras” in the body. It accelerates healing by opening and balancing the energy flow in the body, and by eliciting the relaxation response. It does not involve manipulation of the client’s muscles or other soft tissue and may be performed as a clothes-on treatment or as part of a regular massage treatment.

    Lymph Drainage Therapy

    Lymph is the fluid that transports white blood cells and helps eliminate toxins. Lymphatic drainage is often compromised by surgery and chemotherapy and causes swelling that can be ameliorated by gentle massage.

    Myofacial Release

    Myofascial Release restores freedom of movement with gentle pressure and stretching to soften and lengthen the connective tissue surrounding bone and muscle fiber.


    Reflexology is an ancient Eastern therapy focusing on trigger points on the feet. These points correspond to organs and important areas in the body. Treatment includes a foot bath. It can be combined with body massage.

    Trigger Point Therapy

    Trigger Point Release (Neuromuscular Therapy) is a pain-relief technique to alleviate muscle spasms. The therapist locates and deactivates “trigger points”, tender areas of increased neuromuscular activity caused by overuse or injury. These trigger points typically refer pain to surrounding areas the affected areas.

    Positional Release

    Positional release therapy is a relatively new technique which uses gravity and muscle energy techniques to release tension.

    Prenatal Massage

    The weight of carrying your most precious cargo can be stressful on your muscles; let Massage By Rezakkah take care of you while you take care of your child. Expecting women go through a variety of different muscle issues due to the extra weight they carry. Back pain, leg pain, sore feet and muscle cramps are all standard issues for mothers to be and constant strain can lead to stress which is bad for the baby.

    Postnatal Massage

    Bringing new life into the world is a wonderful thing but it also puts a lot of strain on the body. Postnatal massage sessions are tailored to help with postpartum issues which every mother deals with.

    The Whole Body Facelift Massage

    The Whole Body Facelift Massage is a unique and luxurious treatment originally designed by Rezakkah for the Four Seasons Boston Hotel. It combines the relaxation of body massage with a cleansing and beautifying aromatic facial. Warm compresses, cleansing, an exfoliating treatment, and a toning masque are applied to rejuvenate the skin. The facial massage includes massage to relax and tonify muscles, and to minimize lines, lymphatic drainage to detoxify and reduce swelling. Signs of aging and stress are smoothed away to bring out the radiant beauty of the face. A thorough massage releases tension from the body. This treatment is also an excellent remedy for headaches, sinus pain, and neck and shoulder tension.


    Aromatherapy uses specific essential oils to stimulate the limbic system of the brain to produce a healing response in the body.

    Nuance Bodywork

    Nuance Bodywork is a unique and highly effective form of bodywork of the muscles to release tension, relieve pain and realign the body. Trigger point pressure is combined with stretching and passive and active movement to re-pattern the neuromuscular recruitment. This results in more efficient biomechanical function, relief of pain and restoration of flexibility and ease.

    Neuromuscular Re-patterning

    Neuromuscular Re-patterning uses repeated passive movements to correct biomechanical patterns and reestablish correct recruitment of muscle groups.

    If you are stressed or have muscle pain, Rezakkah, with her years of experience, can provide you the best massage to meet your needs. With so many therapists and practitioners in the field, sometimes it’s hard to choose. With Rezakkah you are guaranteed to find relaxation, pain relief and peace of mind. Contact Rezakkah (617) 254-4088

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    Customer Testimonials

    “Rezakkah is incredibly talented. Her sense of touch is unerrring; she always goes to exactly the right point. She helped to relieve a very painful and persistent back problem.”
    Jean Yoder, Asst. Dean, Boston College

    “Rezakkah helped me so much during my recovery (from cancer). She has a lot of wisdom, and a gentle, kind spirit. I immediately felt safe in her competent, loving hands. Her first treatment enabled me to deeply relax, and I slept soundly all night for the first time in months.”
    Cheryl Presley, Former Vice President, Boston College

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