%Positional Release

Positional release therapy is, in some ways, like trigger point therapy as it focuses on painful muscle areas. The similarities end there however. Positional release therapy is a relatively new technique which is not necessarily seen as a form of massage. What the therapist does is find the tender point on the body and apply a slight amount of pressure to it. While applying pressure the therapist uses their in-depth knowledge of muscle and skeletal structures to passively move other parts of the body to give, what is essential, a very technical sort of stretch. The muscle relaxes and releases the pressure it is holding as all the other muscles surrounding it compensate for the tension. This technique often releases up to 75% of the discomfort in the area right away (though this can depend on the severity of the tender point).
Rezakkah is an expert in this technique which makes her massage very effective.
Alternative to Positional Release:

Rezakkah's Nuance Bodywork, which is similar to positional release, is a unique and highly effective form of bodywork that engages the intelligence of the muscles to release tension, relieve pain and realign the body.   Trigger point pressure is combined with stretching and passive and active movement to re-pattern the neuromuscular rercruitment.  This results in more efficient biomechanical function, relief of pain and restoration of flexibility and ease.