Massage By Rezakkah Trigger Point Therapy

Most people who seek massage have specific spots that hurt. These are usually trigger points These spots are commonly called as muscle knots; they are painful spots where muscles seem to be clumped together in a tight little ball.
Trigger point therapy is also called neuromuscular therapy. This is because the painful spots are places where the nerve connects to the muscle. Consequently, the trigger points cause pain in other places along the nerve. For example, a trigger point on the shoulder blade can cause pain in the arm.
During a trigger point session, Rezakkah will also ask you about your daily habits to see if the knotted muscle is a result of your routine. If it is the case, she will give you tips on how to avoid straining the muscle again so that the problem does not come back.
If you are looking for someone to get the kinks out, make an appointment with Rezakkah.